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Ingredients Matter. Creating our High-Potency Electrolyte Drink Mix
We purposefully set out to pack Insaltd with more electrolytes than any other brand. Why? Because, as athletes, you likely need way more electrolytes (salts) to hydrate optimally.

The main reason most other brands have less than 50% of the electrolytes is that electrolytes typically taste like %$#% — unless you like the taste of seawater. The alternative is to stuff it full of sugar, artificial sweeteners or stevia to make it palatable.

At Insaltd, we found a better way. Our formulation uses a revolutionary zero-calorie, plant-derived sweetener called Glyvia™ that actually helps support healthy blood sugar and insulin response while also enhancing nutrient absorption. It has been approved by Health Canada as a dietary supplement and it is the primary reason we can get so many hydrating electrolytes in our naturally-flavored formula and still deliver a great-tasting drink.

Why do we have such a high concentration of electrolytes in our blend?
On average, athletes will produce somewhere between 1 to 4 liters of sweat per hour and lose between 500mg and 1300mg of sodium per liter in that sweat with the median being 900mg of sodium — which is why Insaltd has 900mg of sodium.

Although sodium is the most important ele ctrolyte for hydration, it does not work alone.

We paired the sodium with potassium and magnesium in a ratio of 9:3:1 to create a beautifully balanced electrolyte blend that helps you hydrate more effectively.

Glyvia™: ZERO Calorie.
ZERO Aftertaste. 100% Plant-Based Sweetener.
Glyvia™ is a patented, Health Canada approved, dietary supplement that provides plant-based zero-calorie sweetness. It is a proprietary aminoacetic acid and plant glycosides complex that delivers a unique, full-mouth sweetness similar to that of sugar and without the bitter aftertaste of stevia. These glycosides are paired with a proprietary blend of amino acids that contribute to blood sugar management while also helping the glycosides adhere to the tongue, allowing for far fewer glycosides to be used and thus eliminating the bitter aftertaste many glycosides, like stevia, are notorious for.

Our blend of sweet plant glycosides has proven to deliver a pleasant sugar-like flavor profile while mitigating astringency, bitterness and herbaceous notes normally associated with any single glycoside.

Glyvia’s formulation of different natural sweet ingredients also brings the texture and mouthfeel of products closer to what consumers expect from traditional sugar. Effective blending of these can significantly improve the quality of sweetness, enhance sweet/sour balance, and deliver a more robust flavor, which are all critical sensory characteristics for a product. Since each glycoside hits the mouth differently, the combination creates a whole-mouth sweetness closest to that of sugar.

Glyvia™ delivers a unique, full-mouth sweetness similar to that of sugar and without the bitter aftertaste of stevia.

Common Symptoms of Poor Hydration

We deliver 3 things in our electrolyte mix:

Electrolyte Blend:
900mg Sodium, 300mg Potassium, 100mg Magnesium and 18mg of Calcium to dramatically enhance fluid absorption and nervous system function.

Natural Flavours
that pair well with salts to make it deliciously easy to drink more electrolyte-rich water.

Plant-based Sweetener
that helps with nutrient absorption and blood sugar management for better hydration than is possible from sugar, stevia or artificial sweeteners.

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