18th Nov 2022

What's new about the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro?

The latest wearables from Coros are reiterations of the brand's popular Apex lineup, but with key upgrades to help improve your training and data recording. One of the largest upgrades is seen in the new optical heart rate sensor that allows for 24/7 monitoring and unmatched accuracy. This can be great for aerobic workouts as you fine-tune your pace and breaths to reach optimal performance. A more durable design, a new GPS antenna, route navigation with maps in both cases and much more battery life than previous models.

COROS Apex 2, COROS Apex 2 Pro

Coros also upgraded the battery life of the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro immensely when compared to the original Apex lineup . You can now operate in the standard full GPS mode for up to 45 hours with the Apex 2, and a staggering 75 hours with the Apex 2 Pro

The battery isn't the only feature beefed up in these all-new watches. Designed for a more durable construction, both the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro feature a Grade 5 titanium bezel and sapphire glass face offering a full touchscreen experience. According to Coros, only the original Apex Pro offered touchscreen capabilities, yet only for maps and data fields. This upgrade in particular really sets these new watches apart and puts them right in-line with some of today's best smartwatches.

Lastly, the latest Coros GPS watches also have music capabilities, allowing you to turn your watch face into a music player by loading your favourite tracks and podcasts directly onto the device. According to the brand, the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro are not capable of supporting music streaming services at this time, but there are plans to roll out this functionality some time in 2023.

How do the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro differ?
The two main differences (outside of price, naturally) between the Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro lie in their respective size, battery life and internal storage space. The Apex 2 Pro is a larger watch face at 1.3 inches as opposed to the Apex 2's 1.2-inch profile. Additionally, the battery life of the Apex 2 Pro trumps that of the Apex 2 — 75 hours of full GPS as opposed to 45. Lastly, for storing music and maps, the Apex 2 Pro has more memory at 32GB, while the Apex 2 features just 8GB of internal storage.

The Apex 2 Pro also separates itself from the pack through its All Systems Frequency GNSS Chipset to help reduce GPS reflection from steep walls. Outside of this, both watches feature the same functions and data tracking capabilities, allowing athletes to truly unlock their potential no matter their budget or taste.