COROS Speed Series

Spring is the Season of Speed and the COROS PACE 2 Speed Series was designed alongside the world’s best and fastest athletes – the COROS Pro Athlete Team. Each of the three seasonal colours represents what it takes to be the fastest version of yourself.


We were inspired by where and how our athletes train, and we know your color will help you tell your own story.

This is a season to be bold and the COROS PACE 2 Speed Series lets you showcase more of your personality while you train to be at your best.


Drawing inspiration from the synthetic track surface where countless hours are spent preparing for your next personal best. As you crank out interval after interval using the world’s lightest GPS watch – your face, your watch and the track will all glow in red, showing the world just how hard you’re working

COROS Pace 2 - Speed Series - Red
COROS Pace 2 - Speed Series - Gold


In running as in life, consistency is key, and it is hard to find a more consistent runner than COROS Pro Athlete Emma Coburn. A 3000m Steeplechaser, Emma has won the USATF National Title 8 times, and was the 2017 World Champion!
A gold watch on your wrist like a gold medal around your neck, it symbolizes years of training – hard work and sacrifice, to be at your very best when it matters the most.


In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, home to some of the most die-hard track fans, live beautiful evergreen pine trees. From one of nature’s most beautiful hues comes one of the longest-lasting battery GPS watches in the world.

COROS Pace 2 - Speed Series - Green