Garmin Devices - Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Devices - Heart Rate Monitors

If you’ve bought a GARMIN device, you’ve bought into the world of tough, clever and cool. Excellent choice! Now, did you know that by adding a Heart Rate Monitor, you can extend its capabilities to analyse your fitness regime - even underwater?

Compatible with all Garmin’s devices, the Heart Rate Monitors (HRM), don’t just monitor, they ‘advise,’ recommending your optimal recovery programme after each routine. Alongside calculating calorie loss, they analyse your entire performance - heart rate, stride length, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and balance, and vertical ratio. Now, combine this with the tracking and mapping aspects of your device - for example, the GARMIN Instinct with its GPS, compass, thermometer, barometric altimeter and an accelerometer - and your workouts can be tailored to your environment, as it varies throughout your programme. In the case of the Edge bike computers, they’ll assist you in planning your next ride based on the results of the previous ones.


Garmin uses its proprietary ANT+ technology - and Bluetooth in the case of the HRM Dual - forwarding all data to Connect, its software hub and analytics tool, available as an app to your phone. But just how good is it all?


Any activity must be populated with real-time data to have any value, and while the watches have Garmin’s ‘Elevate Wrist Heart Rate Monitor’ optical sensors on the back for everyday activities, the exertion and endurance of your workouts demand a higher level of feedback from your body. Of the Soft Strap Premium HRM one reviewer writes: “I use this for maintaining my target heart rate during exercising, it's very accurate when I compare to the recumbent bikes at the gym or our home treadmill,” while at the other end of the scale “Works perfect !” is all that needs to be said for the HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim Accessory Bundle. Incidentally, the HRM-Swim device has a ‘store and forward’ feature, allowing your heart rate to be monitored and ‘stored’ while you’re underwater, and then ‘forwarded’ to your device as soon as it reconnects.

While all this clever tech is happening however, you’re not even aware of it. Comfortable and unobtrusive, the HRM’s are small, light and tough - the result of Garmin’s R and D in some of the toughest environments in the world.


Heart Rate Monitors reinforce the idea that GARMIN isn’t just about clever toys; they’re about personal performance - with each of their devices researched, developed and engineered for specific roles. Ultimately however, it’s the consumer that dictates the product, and given the range and resources Garmin have developed over the years, they clearly monitor more than just your heart beat - they also listen to your dreams.

15th Jun 2019

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