​Issues with Android Devices and BlueTooth.

​Issues with Android Devices and BlueTooth.

Issues with Android Devices and BlueTooth.

Unfortunately there has been a known occurrence with Android 10 users on Bluetooth connection issues, including failure to reconnect after disconnection. COROS has made no changes to the COROS app and products in terms of Bluetooth connectivity. After testing and investigation, we have concluded that the Bluetooth connection issue was caused by the Android 10 Bluetooth compatibility affecting all device types with BLE connection.

It is unfortunate that as the manufacturer of Bluetooth devices, COROS has limited solutions to fix this unless Android releases new updates to Android 10 users to improve the Bluetooth compatibility. Android is known to release major updates without fully testing the compatibility with all devices. Good news is that Android may release a new update soon.

Although this isn’t an issue with the watch itself, here are some solutions to help in the meantime.

Please make sure to update the Android 10 system version once new updates are available. COROS engineering team is also in contact with Android team for this matter.

You can also try the following steps to see if they fix the issue temporarily. It’s not guaranteed but this is the best we can do for now.

- Remove the watch on the COROS app.

- Restart the phone.

- Select to pair the watch manually on the COROS app instead of scanning the QR code.

NOTE: Bluetooth headsets use Bluetooth 2.0 (Classic Bluetooth) and smart wearables generally use Bluetooth 4.0/5.0 (BLE). These two protocols and systems are different.

Overall this issue could be causing some issues as well on the Garmin front too - so if you have experienced issues like COROS users have - this is the likely cause.

20th Feb 2020

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