39g – Ultralight Premium Personal Speaker


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39g - Ultralight Premium Personal Speaker $169.90
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The 39g is the first ultralight premium personal speaker designed so you can control your sound and your safety while running, cycling, and staying active.

Music sets the rhythm of your workout–from motivation to pacing, you spend a lot of time out with your tunes. Knowing this, we designed the 39g ultralight wearable speaker to give you better awareness of your surroundings while wrapping you in the rich sound experience that powers your active lifestyle.

  • Full Sound – A strikingly rich sound experience you can keep to yourself or share with a group
  • Music & Calls – Jam to tunes and take calls in-stride with Bluetooth® from your phone or smartwatch
  • Durable – Don’t let its weight fool you, 39g was built to withstand weather and hard workouts
  • Waterproof – IP64 rated for splash and rain-resistance— go ahead, get your sweat on
39G - Premium Audio39G - Easy Controls39G 12+ Hour Battery39G Safety & Comfort
Powerful neodymium driver
delivers rich sound & boosted bass
Large tactile buttons allow for easy
in-stride music & call control
Extended microUSB rechargeable
battery for more use per charge
No-bounce attachment &
distraction-free sound

Magnet Clip
Slide the built-in magnetic clip off the back of the 39g and use it to securely hold the speaker in place through shirts, jackets, hoodies, fleeces, and more. Looks like magic, works like a charm.

Sport Clip
The built-in mechanical clip allows you to wear the 39g in a variety of ways like: directly on a sports bra or shirt collar, attached to a backpack, or secured to a running/hydration belt or armband.

Use the built-in magnetic clip to mount the 39g to any magnetic surface in the garage, at work or around the house.

Headphone Jack
Take advantage of the 39g’s headphone jack to de-tether your phone from your headphones while maintaining control of your sound, or for a little more privacy in settings like the gym. As a bonus, you can use the headphone jack to connect wired home speakers via Bluetooth to your phone!

  • Ultralight at just 39 grams
  • Distraction-free music & calls
  • Secure, no-bounce attachment

Additional Features:

  • Use as an intermediary to control non-Bluetooth home speakers from your phone
  • De-tether headphones from your phone with built-in headphone jack
  • Listen to music or take calls without needing access to your phoneSpeakerphone w/ integrated mic
  • Mechanical attachment clip
  • Slide-off magnetic attachment clip
  • Auto-power off

39g is perfect for all kinds of activities


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions?
The 39g is 2.6” in length, 1.6” wide with a 0.9” depth (max) (and weighs only 39 grams or 1.4 oz.)

Won’t other’s around me get annoyed with my music?
When you wear the 39g near your neck and listen at a comfortable volume, others standing just feet away won’t even know it’s on. But if you want to blast it for an entire group, it’s got enough power to do that too. But in that case, you might not want to wear it too close to your head.

It is waterproof?

How long does the rechargeable battery last?
Battery life varies based on the volume setting. At a comfortable volume with the speaker worn on your upper body, around 12 hours. At maximum volume, closer to 4 hours.

Why would I use the magnetic clip? How does it work?
The built-in magnetic clip gives you the freedom to wear the 39g practically anywhere on your clothing, not just on a collar or strap. This ability is especially handy with ¼ zip jackets and hoodies. Just slide the low-profile magnetic clip downward to remove, place it on the inside of your clothing, position the speaker over the magnetic clip and let them snap in to a secure fit.

Does it have internal storage?
No. Audio can only be played through the speaker from a source device using a bluetooth connection.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions12 × 5 × 5 cm

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