Safety Skin™ Reflective Skin Spread


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Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread
Safety Skin™ Reflective Skin Spread $27.90
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Do you run in the dark, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night? Are you often concerned about being seen but don’t want to wear the equivalent of an orange safety cone? What about when it’s warm out and you want to be free in your sports bra and shorts? That reflective vest sure gets in the way!

Shine on your next sweat session with the Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread.

It’s a unique reflective product that ensures you stay visible in low light conditions and offers quick and easy direct skin application.

Run, hike, cycle and sweat up a storm anywhere, any time!

Safety Skin is designed to be applied directly on your skin. It wipes on, rapidly dries, and peels off after use. This method of application allows the user to experience an unmatched level of comfort and fashion. Specifically formulated using nontoxic components, Safety Skin is safe for everyone, even kids. It is water-insoluble, providing great durability for open water activities or in wet conditions, great for triathlon or ultra-endurance sports. We made sure Safety Skin would not inhibit your sweat, especially during long and intense activities.

It’s a great option for when sweltering conditions prevent you from training during the day, and a night time workout is the way to go.

Convenient, versatile and fashionable, the reflective skin spread enhances your visibility at no sacrifice to performance.

Stand out and stay safe with this amazing product.

To Use:
It’s as easy to use as applying deodorant. Simply twist up product and with a back and forth swiping motion apply to skin until optimal reflectiveness is achieved. Product will be light grey in colour when applied.

When your workout comes to an end, the reflective skin spread can be removed with a wet wipe or soap and water.

If you choose to keep it on all day and all night that’s awesome too, because it’s a super fun and effective way to stand out.

  • First reflective product of its kind that provides quick and easy skin application
  • Perfect for use in low light conditions, inclement weather and multiple terrain types
  • Stash it in your training or hiking bag so you’re always ready to train from dusk till dawn
  • No billowing – won’t weigh you down
  • Contains a total of 7 ingredients
  • Super easy and fast to clean up
  • Approximately 110 x 15cm swipes can be applied with each stick

What’s in Safety Skin?
Safety Skin™ is comprised of 7 ingredients, each of which contribute to the overall characteristics of the product. Functions include; skin-conditioning agents, emollient and antimicrobial, binders, viscosity increasing agents, suspending agents and reflectant.

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Safety Skin