Race Time Prediction

Garmin Race Time PredictionHow long it will take to finish a race has an impact on some important decisions. Pace, nutrition, attire and even your playlist can be affected by how long you will be out there running.

Recognising the value of this information, Garmin and Firstbeat have taken strides in the effort to provide reliable race time predictions you can trust.

Your ability to produce energy aerobically, measurable terms of VO2 max, is a significant factor in your race performance. This knowledge, along with real-world data about the sustainability of effort across various intensities, provides the foundation of your predicted finish times for various distances.

Once a VO2 max is established, your device can provide a target race time based on your current state of fitness. Projected race times can be viewed for 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon distances, which will get faster or slower as your fitness goes up or down. At all race distances, but especially in longer races such as marathons, there are many important and necessary factors for success that go beyond just aerobic fitness; that’s why it is important to complete proper training for an event to give yourself the best shot at reaching your predicted race times. And remember, these times are just predictions, but they give you a good idea of the kind of performances you can reasonably expect, given your physiological data. They also provide a terrific goal to try and reach.