Comparing Electrolyte Drink Mixes: Insaltd and LMNT

Comparing Electrolyte Drink Mixes: Insaltd and LMNT

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Seems like every other day, someone pops this question: “How does Insaltd stack up against LMNT?” So, grab some popcorn, we’re diving into the salty deep end.

The high-potency electrolyte market is finally flexing its muscles.

Seems like every other day, someone pops this question: “How does Insaltd stack up against LMNT?” So, grab some popcorn, we’re diving into the salty deep end.

Since it sprang to life in 2018, LMNT’s been the lone wolf howling in the high-sodium wilderness. They dared to defy the conventional dietary lore of minimizing sodium intake and bravely proclaiming that salt is no longer a dirty word.

Recent research is waving the same flag, suggesting our bodies would do a happy dance with 2 to 3 times the “recommended” daily sodium intake of 2300mg.

A quick peek at the best-selling electrolyte powders on Amazon and it’s clear – most brands are shaking in their boots, keeping their sodium levels lower than a limbo stick. Sodium, after all, is the hydration hero, with potassium and magnesium as sidekicks. Some brands, bless their hearts, are so low in sodium, it’s hard to believe they call themselves a hydration product.

Then, in July 2023, Insaltd crashed the party, bringing the house down by championing high sodium for hydration and giving us all a bit more choice at the supercharged electrolyte buffet.

Crafting a high-sodium electrolyte drink? Piece of cake. Making it dance on your taste buds? That’s a whole different salsa. And doing it without sugar? That’s some real sorcery.

The 9:3:1 Electrolyte Ratio
Like a culinary alchemist, Insaltd cooked up a harmonious blend of Sodium (900mg), Potassium (300mg), and Magnesium (100mg). Here’s the punchline: Insaltd has a smidge more total electrolytes than LMNT (1318mg vs 1260mg) but with 10% less sodium, 50% more potassium, and a whopping 65% more magnesium.

How Sweet it is: Glyvia vs Stevia
Insaltd gets the gold star as the first electrolyte mix to play the Glyvia card. Health Canada stamped its approval on this plant-based, zero-calorie sweetness that mimics sugar without turning blood sugar into a rollercoaster and leaves the stevia aftertaste out in the cold.

Now the moment of truth – the taste test. LMNT boasts 9 flavours, while Insaltd shows off with 4. Both brands deserve a round of applause for making a ton of salt taste like a tropical vacation.

Speaking of mixing, just toss a stick pack into 16oz to 32oz (500ml to 1L) of water. Too salty? Add more H2O. Some endurance athletes, the real daredevils, take Insaltd straight up – no water. It’s like taking a salt pill with a side of zing. Personally, I’m on team “water with my electrolytes”.

The Grapefruit Showdown.
Both brands have a grapefruit offering, so let’s compare. LMNT’s grapefruit has a subtle yellow grapefruit/pomello profile, while Insaltd’s grapefruit packs a punch with a bolder red grapefruit character—and it smells amazing. Both deserve a spot on the podium.

One last tidbit – dissolvability. Natural grapefruit flavour isn’t always eager to make friends with water. Patience, grasshopper, it only takes about 20 extra seconds of stirring. Or pop it in your water bottle and shake – problem evaporated.








As sodium chloride




Insaltd: potassium citrate

LMNT: potassium chloride




Insaltd: magnesium citrate

LMNT: magnesium malate 

Citric Acid



Helps with energy metabolism and mineral absorption. Ads tarty taste




A trace amount of calcium to assist with nervous system function

Vitamin D3



Helps with calcium absorption and skin hydration 







Not a significant source of calories

Naturally Flavoured



We wouldn’t have it any other way

Number of Flavours



It’s good to have choices




We don’t see any point to adding colour

Recommended Dilution

16 to 32oz (500ml to 1L)

16 to 32oz (500ml to 1L)

Best diluted with cold water. Add ice after mixing.


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