The Rise of High-Potency Electrolyte Products

The Rise of High-Potency Electrolyte Products

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Many have been curious about the difference between Insaltd and LMNT in the world of high-potency electrolytes. Let’s dive in.

For a while, LMNT dominated the scene of high sodium electrolytes since its introduction in 2018. Its daring stand of advocating for “more salt, not less” posed a challenge to traditional dietary guidelines that cautioned against high sodium consumption due to concerns about its potential impact on blood pressure and overall health.

Recent studies now hint at the benefits of consuming 2 to 3 times the conventionally recommended daily sodium dose of 2300mg. A glance at Amazon’s best-selling electrolyte powders reveals that many brands lean towards lower sodium content. Sodium stands at the forefront of vital electrolytes for hydration, followed by potassium and magnesium. Some brands have such nominal sodium content that labeling them as hydration products becomes questionable.

However, 2023 marked the debut of Insaltd, emphasising the significance of higher sodium for hydration and expanding choices within the high-potency electrolyte realm.

Formulating a high-sodium electrolyte drink is straightforward; the real challenge lies in making it palatable without resorting to sugar.

The Perfect Electrolyte Blend: 9:3:1 Insaltd pioneered a blend of Sodium (900mg), Potassium (300mg), and Magnesium (100mg) that follows a 9:3:1 ratio. When compared, Insaltd edges out with a total of 1318mg electrolytes versus LMNT’s 1260mg. It offers 10% less sodium but boasts 50% more potassium and 65% more magnesium.

The Sweetness Factor: Glyvia vs. Stevia Insaltd stands out by employing Glyvia as its sweetening agent. Health Canada recognises Glyvia as a natural substance. Derived from glycine combined with plant glycosides, it delivers a zero-calorie sweetness that mirrors sugar, with the bonus of no blood sugar spikes or the typical stevia aftertaste.

A Comparative Taste Review Currently, LMNT has 9 flavour options, whereas Insaltd offers 4. Taste preferences are personal; thus, it’s hard to declare a winner. But considering their high salt content, both brands impress with their palatability, albeit with distinct flavour profiles.

The Mixing Guide It’s advised to mix a stick pack with 16oz to 32oz (500ml to 1L) of water. If you find the mix salty, simply dilute it further. Interestingly, some endurance athletes consume Insaltd powder directly, likening it to flavoured salt pills. Though the powder has a tangy taste, reminiscent of sour candy, consuming it with water remains the most popular choice.

Grapefruit Showdown Considering both LMNT and Insaltd have grapefruit variants, a direct comparison is inevitable. LMNT’s version resembles a subdued yellow grapefruit or pomello flavour, whereas Insaltd leans more towards the boldness of red grapefruit. Both flavours are commendably delightful.

A Quick Point on Mix-ability Natural grapefruit flavour can be a bit reluctant to dissolve in water, taking around 20 seconds more than other flavours when stirred. The solution? Pour it in a water bottle and give it a shake – issue resolved.

Sodium 900mg 1000mg As sodium chloride
Potassium 300mg 200mg  Insaltd: potassium citrate
LMNT: potassium chloride
Magnesium 100mg  60mg  Insaltd: magnesium citrate
LMNT: magnesium malate 
Citric Acid Y Y Helps with energy metabolism and mineral absorption. Ads tarty taste
Calcium 18mg 0 A trace amount of calcium to assist with nervous system function
Vitamin D3 10mcg 0 Helps with calcium absorption and skin hydration 
Sweetener Glyvia Stevia Read more about Glyvia here.
Calories 0 5 Not a significant source of calories
Naturally Flavoured Y Y We wouldn’t have it any other way
Number of Flavours 4 9 It’s good to have choices
Colour N N We don’t see any point to adding color
Recommended Dilution 16 to 32oz (500ml to 1L) 16 to 32oz (500ml to 1L) Best diluted with cold water. Add ice after mixing.


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